In 2001 the album titled 'A Tribute To Batmobile' is released on a Japanese label. On the album all kinds of bands from all over the world play Batmobile songs. Batmobile's own contribution on the album is called 'Baby Go Back Home'.

In 2003 the band makes one live appearance in Germany which makes Batmobile decide to start doing more live performances again starting 2004.
Since then they have been doing concerts in the Netherlands, England, Japan, Russia, Finland, France, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Brazil and the USA. In 2008 the band has been together for 25 years, still in the original line up. To celebrate this occasion, Anagram released a full set of Batmobile live at the legendary London KlubFoot, with a lot of unreleased material from 1986. During 2008 they even recorded and released a split record with Dutch rock band Peter Pan Speedrock.

After their 30th anniversary in 2013 they are still touring the world to headline various rockabilly and psychobilly events in the exact same line up as back in 1983.








1985 Batmobile - Kix 4 U
1987 Bambooland - Count Orlok
1988 Bail's set at $ 6.000.000 – Nervous Records
1988 Buried alive – Count Orlok
1989 Amazons from outer space - Count Orlok
1990 Batmobile is dynamite - Count Orlok
1991 Sex starved - Count Orlok
1991 Batmobile in Japan 1991 - Live video - Count Orlok
1992 Hard Hammer hits - Count Orlok
1992 CD single Midnight Maniac- Count Orlok
1993 Blast from the past, the worst and the best - Count Orlok
1993 CD single Shoot Shoot - Count Orlok
1995 Shake your pagoda's, drop your kimonos, Batmobile strikes again - live video - Count Orlok
1997 Welcome to planet cheese - Count Orlok
2001 A Tribute to Batmobile (various artists) - Downer records
2004 A Tribute to Batmobile II (various artists) – Downer records
2008 Batmobile live at the KlubFoot 1986, The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz – Anagram
2008 Crosscontamination, split album with Peter Pan Speedrock - Suburban/People Like You

Various compilations, like:
Psycho attack over Europe 1 & 2, Stomping at the Klubfoot 3 & 4
Dragged from the Wreckage of the Klubfoot, Fistful of pussies
Rock 'n Horreur, DVD Stomping at the Klubfoot
AMP-Magazine vol 5 Psychobilly, Go Cat Go; A Tribute to the Stray Cats
God Save the King; A Psychobilly Tribute to Elvis, A Soundtrack to Oblivion
Teddy Boy Rock & Roll, Crazy Cavan Tribute